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Thanks for stopping by. Here at ad astra, we love to read. And within that love for reading is the belief that reading can create real change when coupled with concrete action.

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Within this newsletter, we use an intersectional feminist lens to not only look at what we read, but also the publishing industry as a whole. How do the books we read connect to our everyday lives? To social justice issues and civil rights movements? To the news we consume? And how does the publishing industry play a role in furthering—and hampering—such equity?

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Currently, we post two times a month:

Our mid-month newsletter is an in-depth look at a recent read, its relationship to current events, and resources for taking what we’ve read and setting in motion real-world change.

Our end-of-month newsletter takes a wider lens, looking at what’s going on in the publishing industry, and how we readers (of any type) can advocate for equity not just in the bookish world, but in all of society.

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who we are

We are Olivia and Fiona, two friends who share a love for words and what they can do. With eight years of publishing industry experience, Olivia has worked in both academic and traditional publishing, seeing first-hand the progress made, and not made, toward a more equitable industry. Her lifelong passion for reading has turned into a dedication to creating such change. As the designer behind ad astra, Fiona is passionate about the intersection of storytelling and illustration. Having spent years working at her local library, she now is a project manager at a creative agency.

Through literature, we’ve learned about the kind of individuals we strive to be. We believe that stories can help us all learn and unlearn, educate and grow. They can challenge us to see something in a new way and teach us how to better support one another.

They give us the tools to go out into the world and help create change.

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We are always seeking ways to improve and grow. If you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the comments, email, or Instagram DM.

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Let's have a conversation about books and intersectional feminism


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Let's have a conversation about books and intersectional feminism.